Radical Browniesdocumentary short

Radical Brownies

documentary short


Berets, badges, Black Lives Matter and social justice: the youth group for activist girls of colour.

The Radical Monarchs is an alternative to the Scout movement for girls of colour in Oakland, California. Its members earn badges not for sewing or selling cookies, but for completing challenges on social justice including Black Lives Matter, ‘radical beauty’, being ‘an LGBTQ ally’ and the environment.

The Monarchs' critics accuse them of brainwashing their children and unnecessarily segregating them. But their warm welcome in Oakland and the demand from across the US and around the world for similar groups suggests that they've tapped into something that's needed.

Commissioned for the Guardian Bertha documentary partnership

Date: 2017 Role: Editor Client: Linda Goldstein Knowlton / Ladylike Films Review: www.nytimes.com
Juice - 25th Aniversaryblu-ray content

Juice - 25th Aniversary

Blu-Ray Content

"You've Got The Juice Now" 19:20

A look back at the making of the film featuring brand new interviews with director Ernest R. Dickerson, producer David Heyman and actors Omar Epps, Khalil Kain and Jermaine Hopkins. The piece details Dickerson’s struggle to remain true to his original vision, his desire to cast fresh new talent, the challenges of shooting on location in Harlem, and the reasons why the film’s ending was changed.

Date: 2016 Role: Producer / Editor Client: Paramount Pictures
Blair Witchblu-ray content

Blair Witch

Blu-Ray Content

"P.O.V.: On Location" 29:29

Neverending Night: The Making of 'Blair Witch' – This hearty making-of documentary can be viewed collectively or in its six individual parts: "Primal Fear: Story Origins," "Ambiguous Loss: The Cast," "P.O.V.: On Location," "Trapped in the Time Loop: Editing," "Distorted Reality: Music & Sound Design" and "The Reveal." The well-crafted all-inclusive behind the scenes look at 'Blair Witch' covers absolutely every aspect of the production and even alludes to answers to some of the movie's unanswered questions. [highdefdigest.com]

Date: 2016 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / Lionsgate
Bon Voyage Charlie Brownblu-ray content

Bon Voyage Charlie Brown

Blu-Ray Content

"Travels with Charlie" 20:21

"Travels with Charlie: The Making of Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown", a brand new retrospective featurette. It gathers insight into the film with interviews of Charles Schulz himself (via archival clips), his widow Jean Schulz, producer Lee Mendelson, director's son Steven Melendez, and Peanuts historians Charles Solomon and Nat Gertler. They discuss the real experiences that Schulz drew from for this movie and certain features that distinguish this production from other Peanuts works and other entertainment. It's a really solid inclusion. [dvdizzy.com]

Date: 2015 Role: Producer / Editor Client: Paramount Pictures
Black Massmarketing

Black Mass

Marketing Featurette


Marketing featurette for studio campaign.

Date: 2015 Role: Editor Client: Hurwitz Creative / Warner Bros. Link: www.hurwitzcreative.com
Sales Reelsizzle reel

Leeding Media Sales Reel

Editors Cut


Sales reel for marketing/sales campaign.

Date: 2015 Role: Editor Client: Leeding Media
Kingsman: The Secret Serviceblu-ray promo

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Blu-Ray Content & Promo

"Panel to Screen (Promo)" 1:02

Promo for larger set of featurettes, documenting the entire production of this hit film.

Creative Content for blu-ray release on June 9, contains 92 min of programing.

Date: 2015 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / Lionsgate
Everything I Did Wrong in my 20'sweb series

Everything I Did Wrong in my 20's

web series


Episode 1 of 9

The series follows the journey of a 35+ year old woman’s search for happiness. After losing her job, Stephanie Rogers begins the search for happiness. She reflects on the choices she made in her 20′s that led her to unhappiness and regret in her 30′s.www.YouTube.com/Season 1

Date: 2015 Role: Editor / Producer Client: Inkspot EntertaimentLink: www.inkspotentertainment.com
the new shade of Blackweb series

the new shade of Black

web series


Episode 5 of 6

“the new shade of Black” is a spin-off series of "the Unwritten Rules". The series follows four thirty-something entrepreneurs trying to find a place with their blackness in society.

Date: 2016 Role: Editor Client: Inkspot EntertaimentLink: www.inkspotentertainment.com
Ex Machinablu-ray content

Ex Machina

Blu-Ray Content

"Through The Looking Glass" 39:54

"Through the Looking Glass: Making Ex Machina" is a step up from your average behind-the-scenes documentary: featuring interviews with director Alex Garland, producer Andrew Macdonald, all the key actors (Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Sonoya Mizuno, and Oscar Isaac) and more, this is a lively and informative piece that goes into modest depth about the story's development, the on-set experience, digital effects, and the movie's themes. It's also shot outdoors during most of the cast interviews, which gives this enjoyable documentary a pleasing atmosphere. [DVD Talk]

Date: 2014 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / Lionsgate
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odysseyblu-ray content

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Blu-Ray Content

"The Voyage Continues" 41:20

Elucidates how this new series for Fox was built upon the foundation forged by Carl Sagan, while offering some fun behind the scenes looks at how things were filmed with new host, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Date: 2012 Role: Editor Client: Bagg Street Productions / Fox Link: www.baggstreet.com
Enough SaidHBO First Look

HBO First Look: Enough Said

TV Doc/Marketing

HBO First Look is an American television show on HBO that chronicles up and coming movies. The series shows behind-the-scenes looks at the filming and interviews with the actors.


Date: 2013 Role: Editor Client: Trailer Park / HBO Link: www.trailerpark.com
Love & Loathing: Adventures in Divorce Landwebseries

Love & Loathing

web series


Episode 6 of 6

Bonnie and Chris are breaking up - but not with each other. In a knowing, jaded 21st century, can two middle-aged romantics find true love flowering through the cracks of divorce? This hilarious new US web series tries to find out! Stars Bonnie Burroughs (Justified, Desperate Housewives, CSI:NY) and Christopher Hatfield (Ratchet & Clank game series). Web-TV at its best!

Editor Eps 3 of 6

www.YouTube.com/Ep 1

www.YouTube.com/Ep 2

Date: 2014 Role: Editor Director: Eric Mofford
After Earthblu-ray content

After Earth

Blu-Ray Content

"Building A World" 12:00

Cast and crew discuss envisioning the future, constructing it for the screen, and the importance of creating a fully realized future history.

Date: 2013 Role: Editor Client: Trailer Park / Sony Link: www.trailerpark.com
Homelandblu-ray content


Blu-Ray Content

"Return to the Homeland" 7:52

A look at the Israeli locations that stood in for Beirut in the opening arc of Showtime's Homeland season 2.

Date: 2012 Role: Editor Client: Bagg Street Productions / Lionsgate Link: www.baggstreet.com
Last Standsizzle reel

The Last Stand

Pitch Reel / Sizzle Reel


Pitch reel for 10 part doc series on saving the world's most endangered natural environments.

Date: 2014 Role: Producer, Editor Client: Pushcart Productions / Frankfurt Zoological Society Link: www.fzs.org
The Last Standblu-ray content

The Last Stand

Blu-Ray Content

"Not In My Town: Making The Last Stand" 28:09

Arnold Schwarzenegger's first staring return to action film. Director, Kim Jee-Woon's first US based film. An EPK-fest with interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Date: 2013 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / Lionsgate
On The Shoulders of Giantsfeature documentary

On The Shoulders of Giants

feature documentary


On the Shoulders of Giants tells the story of The Harlem Rens - the greatest basketball team you've never heard of. In 1939 the world of professional basketball was segregated and "colored" teams could not compete against white teams, nor vie for league championships. The Harlem Rens were the best of the black teams yearning for a chance at a national championship. The players not only beat tremendous odds - from pervasive racism to the Great Depression - but became the first world champions of professional basketball when they defeated every other team, (including the best white teams) for this coveted title and until now their story has remained relatively unknown.www.hollywoodreporter.com

Date: 2012 Role: Editor Client: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar / Union Productions Review: www.hollywoodreporter.com
We're The Millersmarketing

We're The Millers

Marketing Featurette


Marketing featurette for studio campaign.

Date: 2013 Role: Editor Client: Trailer Park Link: www.trailerpark.com
Dredd 3Dblu-ray content

Dredd 3D

Blu-Ray Content

"Day of Chaos: The Visual Effects of Dredd" 15:21

A look at the cool VFX featured in Dredd 3D. Use of a new handheld 3D camera that was utilized for the film's extreme close-ups, as well as the highspeed that did the slo-mo effects.

Date: 2012 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / Lionsgate
Life of Piblu-ray content

Life of Pi

Blu-Ray Content

"Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright" 8:35

This featurette discusses the extraordinary CG work that went into fashioning a photo-realistic tiger to play Richard Parker in the movie. With lots of side-by-side comparisons between the the fine points of live tiger training used for reference in the lifeboat set with the computer-generated one that appears in the frame with actor Suraj Sharma.

Date: 2012 Role: Editor Client: Hurwitz Creative Link: www.hurwitzcreative.com
The Hunger Games Catching Fireblu-ray content

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Blu-Ray Content

"Surviving The Game" 2:24:55

(14:28 segment)

An incredibly in depth and informative compendium of nine featurettes that address virtually every aspect of the film, from the adaptive process through the special effects, stunts and production design.

For the “Jungle” sequence, the production moved to Hawaii where the actual “Hunger Games” part was filmed. Hawaii was perfect due to its exotic locale, yet industrialized enough where they could transport in film equipment, etc. www.hometheaterforum.comwww.dvdtalk.com

Date: 2012 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / Lionsgate
The Shieldblu-ray content

The Shield

Blu-Ray Content

"Delivering The Baby" 88:29

This feature-length documentary closely explores the creation of the season's finale. A good portion involves actors’ responses to Lem’s death, which inspired them creatively but saddened them emotionally. We learn plenty about the creative implications of killing Lem and where it may take the show in the future. It’s also great to hear Forrest Whitaker discuss his opinion of Kavanaugh, which varies considerably from the typical fan hatred. This wonderful feature concludes with a moving goodbye to Johnson on the set, which showcases the series’ familial environment. www.digitallyobsessed.com

Date: 2005 Role: Producer / Camera / Editor Client: 20th Century Fox
Warriorblu-ray content


Blu-Ray Content

"Redemption: Bringing Warrior to Life" 31:57

This features director Gavin O’Connor, writer Anthony Tambakis, stars Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy, and Joel Edgerton, stunt coordinator J.J. Perry, and advisor Greg Jackson all describing the amount of work which went into the making of the movie. With neither Edgerton and especially Hardy an experienced athlete in the sport, much time is spent showing their training and routine.

Date: 2011 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / Lionsgate
The Cabin in the Woodsblu-ray content

The Cabin in the Woods

Blu-Ray Content

"We Are Not Who We Are: Making The Cabin in the Woods" 28:33

Unlike other discs that pass off EPK and promotional footage for "making-of" featurettes, this meaty special feature truly takes you through the production process. Goddard and Whedon explain how they locked themselves in a hotel room for days while they cranked out a full first draft of the screenplay. They explain casting, what made it so hard and how they ultimately benefited from having "The God of Thunder" in their film. Follow the crew through the foibles of the shoot and catch some awesome unused footage from the "chaos on every screen" climax. For those Whedonites who despise his desire to kill off beloved characters, hear Mr. Whedon himself confront the issue and complaints. www.highdefdigest.com

Date: 2012 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / Lionsgate
X-Men: First Classblu-ray content

X-Men: First Class

Blu-Ray Content

"Children of the Atom" 69:48

(10:01 segment)

[An] incredibly well made feature-length documentary covering the making of X-Men: First Class. It is broken down into several segments (much like the X Marks the Spot) with decent length coverage of various production elements. It covers a lot of ground ... It's reasonably comprehensive and it is never boring. Not even for a second. Any fan of X-Men: First Class will want to watch the documentary and that's an impressive accomplishment. www.dvdtalk.com

Date: 2011 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / 20th Century Fox
Houseblu-ray content


Blu-Ray Content

"Anatomy of an Episode: 'The Jerk" 21:24

An in-depth look into the making of an episode for Season 5 of House.

Date: January 2007 Role: Producer / Camera / Editor Client: NBC/Universal
Boo Yaa Tribedocumentary

Boo Yaa Tribe



Short documentary on Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E and their history at the release of the West Koasta Nostra album.

Date: 2003 Role: Editor Client: Sarinjay Entertainment
Blumhousesizzle reel


Sizzle Reel


Sizzle for film year 2012.

Date: 2012 Role: Editor Client: Blumhouse Link: www.blumhouse.com
Quentin Tarantinosizzle reel

Quentin Tarantino

Sizzle Reel


Sizzle reel for Sony. 'Django Unchained' marketing sales campaign.

Date: 2012 Role: Editor Client: Hurwitz Creative / Sony Link: www.hurwitzcreative.com
Journey 2: The Mysterious Islandmarketing

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Marketing Featurette


Marketing featurette for studio campaign.

Date: 2011 Role: Editor Client: Hurwitz Creative / Relativity Media Link: www.hurwitzcreative.com
Dark SkiesEPK

Dark Skies

EPK 5:53

"Dark Skies: You Have Been Chosen" 5:53

Date: 2013 Role: EPK Producer / Camera / Editor Client: Blumhouse Link: www.blumhouse.com


EPK 5:53

"Close Enough to Kill: The Making of Plush" 15:49

Date: 2013 Role: EPK Producer / Camera Client: Blumhouse Link: www.blumhouse.com
The Force of Destinydocumentary

The Force of Destiny: The Science and Politics of Climate Change



The current understanding of environmental issues, potential future problems and the concept of climate change, various modern calamitous events and developments as well as their ramifications, possible effects, methods that can be taken to change matters and movements in that direction, efforts from US lawmakers and our society’s legacy. “Force” presents a disturbing look at the situation. It certainly doesn’t paint a pretty picture about the current situation and prospects for the future, especially since the participants don’t seem all that optimistic politicians and corporations will do what’s necessary. “Force” provides a good broad look at the various issues and depicts the concerns well.

Date: 2005 Role: Editor Client: Sparkhill / 20th Century Fox
The Fighterblu-ray content

The Fighter

Blu-Ray Content

"The Warrior’s Code: Filming The Fighter" 29:57

[This] isn't so much a making-of featurette, but a true exploration of the Eklund family, and how that combustible interplay was fitted for the big screen. Interviews with cast and crew describe emotions and ambitions, but the real power here is found in the BTS footage, where the real Eklund brothers are revealed in full, making the final film performances all the more miraculous. This is a textured, communicative exploration of the moviemaking effort. A gem of a BTS featurette.www.dvdtalk.com

Date: 2011 Role: Editor Client: Five By Five / Paramount
Embracing the Chaosdocumentary

Embracing The Chaos: Making The African Queen



Anyone with rudimentary knowledge about the backstory behind "The African Queen" already knows that the production of the film, which took place largely in Africa, was plagued with problems, ranging from the difficulties of managing the massive Technicolor camera, to outbreaks of dysentery among cast and crew, to a mass infestations of soldier ants on the set. The one-hour documentary "Embracing Chaos: The Making of 'The African Queen'" does a nice job of capturing the details of all that disorganization, featuring interviews with members of the crew and film historians who do a colorful job of recounting the tale.

Date: 2010 Role: Editor Client: Paramount
Ellenshaw Under Glassdocumentary

Ellenshaw Under Glass

documentary 54:18

A documentary about the life and art of visual effects pioneer Peter Ellenshaw.

Date: 2003 Role: Editor Client: Sparkhill Link: www.ellenshaw.com
Bones: Skeleton Crewweb series

Bones: Skeleton Crew

web series


Episode 13 of 24

Date: 2006 Role: Editor Client: Sparkhill / 20th Century Fox
Prison Break: Proof of Innocenceweb series

Prison Break: Proof of Innocence

web series


Episode 15 of 26

Date: 2005 Role: Director / Editor Client: Sparkhill / 20th Century Fox
Elektra: Incarnationdocumentary

Elektra: Incarnation



Meet the men behind the Elektra comics and appearances in Marvel Comics, including Frank Miller of 'Sin City' fame. We see the origins of the character, her comic book resurrection, artistic choices in coloring and drawing the femme fatale from a few different generations of creators, as well as dissections of storylines that were never used that would flesh out the character, as well as character analyzation compared to other similar characters, like Wolverine.

Date: 2005 Role: Editor Client: Sparkhill / 20th Century Fox
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazinedocumentary

Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Book Magazine

documentary 59:09

About Marvel Comics in the early Sixties and the development of the Fantastic Four and its characters. Moving decade by decade, we hear from over a dozen Marvel artists (writers, inkers, editors, etc.) on the origins, development, and significance of the company's first superhero group comic book.

Date: 2005 Role: Editor Client: Sparkhill / 20th Century Fox
Vanished: Sacrificeweb series

Vanished: Sacrifice

web series


Episode 3 of 13

Date: 2005 Role: Director / Editor Client: Sparkhill / 20th Century Fox
Water & Powerdocumentary

Water & Power

documentary 80:09

Part 1 (29min segment)

An exhaustive investigation into the ongoing effects of the Water Wars depicted in Chinatown. Part one fleshes out the film's historical background, correcting some of its more blatant fictions and distortions. Among the roster of talking heads and participants, Robert Towne is on hand to tour the Department of Water and Power's main aqueduct, and William Mulholland's granddaughter reminisces about her grandfather and his legacy. Part two explores the social and environmental devastation inflicted on Owens Valley, where the bulk of Los Angeles's water supply originates. Part three examines the Los Angeles River, its history and current conditions, effectively skewing near the end into an advocacy piece on conservancy and resource management.

Date: 2005 Role: Producer / Camera / Editor Client: Paramount
Jack Kirby: Storytellerdocumentary

Jack Kirby: Storyteller

documentary 64:02

A look at prolific comic book artist Jack Kirby’s life and work as well as thoughts about his material and influence. Part-biography, part-tribute, the documentary assumes some foreknowledge of comic books, particularly Kirby's work, but sheds much light on the integral artist behind the series The Fantastic Four, with an immense cast of interview subjects. We hear mostly from comic book artists, but also from Kirby's grown-up kids and business partner, all of whom speak with clear admiration. Praise is heaped, memories are shared, and shortcomings are acknowledged. One comes away with a real sense of knowing this individual so influential to the field.

Date: 2005 Role: Editor Client: Sparkhill / 20th Century Fox Review: www.kleefeldoncomics.com